Find Relief for Post-Concussion Symptoms and Treatment for Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer's

From a Safe and Simple Traditional Yogic Method

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Doctors have no effective pills, surgery, or treatment programs to address these brain trauma conditions

This safe and tested Yoga + Meditation routine has profound effects for centuries. Learn how it can help you immediately!

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The Science of Kundalini Yoga For Brain Health

I am going to share with you these amazing treatment programs to heal, revitalize and empower your brain. This involves a very simple Kundalini Yoga exercise series followed by a deep relaxation period with the healing vibrations produced from gongs. We do these to prepare our body and mind so we can easily meditate. The meditation included in these programs is the key to your ability to heal and expand your brain capacity.

The source of this material comes from Yogi Bhajan, my spiritual teacher. He was the first yoga master to introduce the sacred tradition of Raj Yoga to the United States. He called it Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

This is a very traditional form of yoga that is exactly like nothing else. 

This is a very accessible practice, anyone can do it! Great flexibility is not required! This is probably the best entry yoga for the first-time student.

This is not yoga like you think. These are very powerful, targeted exercises that sychronize breathing and body movement to create direct, specific results. 

Kundalini Yoga uses sets of exercises and meditations called kriyas. Kriya means a conscious, empowered action, which produces an intended effect. These are like scientific formulas that have been passed down through the linage of master yogis. This is the most pure, un-diluted and unpolluted yoga system taught today. 

The effect on the mind and body is nearly instantaneous, even after one practice session. You will feel the difference! 

This yoga is very powerful and will create many positive changes in your life. 

“Because Kundalini Yoga is for those with demanding worldly lives, time is of the essence. The system was scientifically developed to efficiently and effectively create the desired changes in your life more quickly than is possible with other styles of yoga.”  

                                                                                                                     – Meagan McCrary
                                                                                                                      “Pick Your Yoga Practice”  

A description of Kundalini Yoga by a yoga teacher from a different tradition

Who is This Course For?

• People who are beginning to show signs of memory loss, or symptoms of early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

• Individuals having suffered a concussion or any brain trauma event, i.e. PTSD

• Participated in contact sports such as football, soccer etc. that involved repeated blows to the head

• People who wish to function at a higher level of brain activity

• Anyone who spends the majority of their day working on a computer and needs greater focus and concentration to process the flow of information.

• Everyone who desires to feel better now, and stay better later.

The kriyas (yoga + meditation) are the same in the concussion and brain health videos. Each video has specific introductions and explanations related to the health challenges addressed.

This video program offers several options on how you can do the kriyas.


The first video is me doing the complete kriya exercise sequence along with my narration, describing the exercises in detail and talking about the effect the exercise has on your mind and body. This is followed by the gong relaxation period, while you relax on your back. We then do the Kirtan Kriya meditation, you can follow my lead while we are chanting together.


The second video is exactly the same but without the narration. This is when you are comfortable with the exercises and don’t want to hear me talking anymore! I will instruct you when to start and complete each exercise, so you can go deeper within yourself during the exercises and hear beautiful, uplifting mantra music during the kriya.


Also included is a pdf document of both kriyas shown on the video. This is a nice option when you have advanced in your practice and don’t need to follow a video.


The focus of these programs is Kirtan Kriya, a meditation designed to bring balance and vitality to the brain. 

Scientists have studied this kriya. One experiment took people diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's disease, had an MRI done on their brain, and immediately following that procedure they did Kirtan Kriya for 12 minutes. Then, they had another MRI post-kriya. Areas of the brain that had been dark or inactive showed increased neuro activity after just a 12 minute meditation! 

Who is Himat Singh Dayvault?

I am a Raj Yogi, the royal path of yogic traditions. Studying directly with my spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, inspired me to teach and serve others. I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga + Meditation since 1991. 

In addition, I have been practicing Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing branch of this sacred lineage.   I am nationally certified in neuromuscular therapy/bodywork. 

The Kriya Method is the treatment methodology I use which combines the principles of KY+M with Qi Gong. Himat Singh is the spiritual name given to me by Yogi Bhajan. It means “the Lion of Courage.”  

Some People Have Asked...

 How long does it take to do the exercises and meditation? 

It takes a total of 48 minutes to complete the yoga exercises, gong relaxation, and Kirtan Kriya meditation. The “tuning in” and active yoga is 25 minutes, the gong period is 7 minutes, the meditation and closing is 16 minutes. The ideal time to do this program is first thing in the morning, before or as the sun is rising. Whatever time of day you are doing this practice, DO IT EVERY DAY!


What if I can’t sit cross legged? 

The yoga and meditation can be done sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. An armless dining chair with a padded seat is a good example. The gong relaxation period is done lying down on your back.

Here's What You'll Experience

  • Rapid Reduction of Post-Concussion Symptoms; headaches, dizziness, stress and depression
  • Immediate Surge of Mental Energy, and an Increase of Concentration, Short-Term Memory and Learning Ability
  • More Flexibility Mentally, Greater Mental Calrity and Heightened Intuition
  • Clearing the Subconscious Mind of Fears and Neurosis
  • Spine Becomes More Flexible; Back and Neck Pain is Reduced or Resolved
  • Greater Overall Energy, Mellowness, Alertness, and Enthusiasm 


Kriya Brain Health & Better Sleep Courses -
What You'll Instantly Receive Downloads For:

Here is all you receive in the Kriya Complete Brain Health and Sleep Kundalini Course:

  • Download Video Course to Any Device 
  • Audio Download for Easy Reference
  • Complete PDF Guide of All Positions with Instructions on Proper Positioning
  • BONUS “Better Sleep” Course! 

Kriya Method for Concussions
Course Contents

This comprehensive course is broken down into easy-to-understand segments with step-by-step instruction on how to do the yoga postures correctly. 

You also receive a yoga segment without narration, so you can easily follow along after you are comfortable with the postures. 

  • Kriya for concussions introduction
  • Concussion therapy overview – treatments are lacking 
  • Yoga Explanations – Doing the exercises correctly and easily
  • Yoga segment with narration 
  • Yoga segment without narration (for you to follow along with after you are comfortable with it)
  • Gong relaxation 
  • Kirtain Kriya


BONUS Segment - Kriya Method for Better Sleep
Course Contents

If you have trouble falling asleep, or getting a good night’s sleep, this course will help you drift off to sleep naturally. Without medication or stimulants, allowing your body its optimum recharge through a dreamless sleep state.

  • Introduction
  • Evening Preparations
  • Bedtime Ritual 
  • Tuning In
  • 3 Bedtime Kriyas for better sleep
  • Shabd Kriya


Due to bone spurs, my neck is very tight and often painful. After my treatment with Himat, my neck feels so relived and almost pain free, with an amazing increase in my range of motion. I recommend that you give Himat a try, and see for yourself if he can alleviate your physical ailment.
Debra Felbur
Life Coach, Miami/Aspen
The results were an almost complete release of the physical challenges in my neck, and no more headaches and dizziness. My mental focus and concentration returned to normal, and my emotional state, which suffered from the trauma, improved dramatically.
Janice Heie
Holistic Health Consultant


Kriya Brain Health & Better Sleep Courses -
What You'll Instantly Receive Downloads For:

Here is all you receive in the Kriya Complete Brain Health and Sleep Kundalini Course:

  • Download Video Course to Any Device 
  • Audio Download for Easy Reference
  • Complete PDF Guide of All Positions with Instructions on Proper Positioning
  • BONUS “Better Sleep” Course!